Quick Facts

LOCATIONS : Newark and Short Hills, NJ
RELATIONSHIP : 10+ Years with Hilton and Embassy Suites
PROJECTS : 50+ Projects

TIMING : Varied based on application and project
PROJECT TEAM SIZE : 15-20 resources on any given project
SPANNING : Over 4 properties: Hospitality (Structural, cosmetic, electrical, custom millwork)

Our Challenge
Hilton’s guests expect luxury and excellence. Beautiful, spotless, well-appointed guest, meeting and dining rooms, and amenities that deliver all of the comforts of home, and more. Maintaining consistent quality in more than 570 locations around the globe is no small undertaking. That is why Hilton entrusted Red Rose Improvements with the role of Construction Management.

Projects grew from small handyman services to complex multi-location projects. To maintain Hilton’s properties, it takes countless tradespeople, architects, and building and project managers to keep their projects running smoothly, but who manages the project managers? With thousands of projects occurring each day, Hilton put their trust in Red Rose Improvements – a professional, highly-trained Construction Management firm that could manage all of their remodeling and constructions projects and crews.

Our Approach
It takes an analytic business mind to understand big hospitality business. Concepts like repeatability, consistent quality, zero defects, and how operating and re-occurring maintenance expenses affect the bottom line. Even some of the most sophisticated architectural firms and program managers don’t understand the depths of business needs beyond the scope of the actual project at hand. Hilton hiring Red Rose Improvements goes beyond Construction Management; they work with us because of founder Jeff Rosen’s extensive business experience, not just in remodeling and construction. He and Red Rose Improvements are referred without question time and time again because of their stellar reputation for excellence. Jeff’s success with companies such as Dell and IBM is carried through in all of Red Rose’s projects with attention to the finest details, mainly how business will improve when process is consistently followed and sustainable.

Maintaining flawless properties is an art form, one Hilton seems to accomplish effortlessly. Managing Hilton’s countless projects isn’t effortless; it just appears that way because of Red Rose Improvements. It takes a skilled maestro to orchestrate all projects, teams, and expenses, efficiently and consistency. Always. As a result of the on-going relationship with Hilton, Red Rose Improvements has now extended their services to Embassy Suites. Projects run the gamut of design and build of interior rooms such as bars and cafes, exterior hardscaping, to laundry, office space, and rollout of WIFI services.

– 300+ Guest Rooms Remodeled
– Improved Safety
– Increased customer satisfaction
– Increased visual benefits
– 4,000 SQ. Ft of ceiling tile
– Saved 42K on value engineering
– Modified over 300 plus guest rooms
– Increased workflows for on-time performance to create and meet budget


“I’m honored by the trust Hilton has placed on me and Red Rose Improvements. To hear, “we trust you implicitly,” is all the validation we need to know we always deliver on our promise.”

Jeff Rosen
Red Rose Improvements

Quick Facts

RELATIONSHIP : 8+ years, 8 Locations
PROJECTS : 3-9 month duration

TIMING : 30+ resources
PROJECT TEAM SIZE : 30+ resources
SPANNING : Multi-location interior fit out, remodeling, renovation and modifications

Our Challenge
ABM is a leading provider of facility solutions with revenues of approximately $5.1 billion and over 100,000 employees in 300+ offices throughout the U.S. and abroad. ABM provides custom facility solutions to properties of all sizes — from schools and commercial buildings to hospitals, data centers, manufacturing plants, and airports.

Upon completion of ABM’s 45k square-foot warehouse distribution project for TUTM Entertainment, Red Rose Improvements teamed with their janitorial group, tasked with the remodeling and buildout of office space. As ABM’s business grew, so did our relationship. We teamed with them to build their lighting and securities divisions, and later site sourcing and development.

Our Approach
Our approach to ABM’s complex business needs was to offer much more than Construction Management. Our unique business approach of cost, resource, and space analysis, made us a valuable asset to AMB.

ABM sought our help to source and rework new spaces – initially in NJ, then to PA and NY. We investigated and identified appropriate office spaces for the ultimate consolidation of three locations, to one central location in Phili. Once we secured the right property, we were tasked with architectural services, performing analysis to ensure the best construction and buildout team were formed. Searching and securing skilled labor and artisans, from all areas of the trades, was quite laborious requiring a substantial amount of patience and finesse.  We were also entrusted with the disposition of the three vacated office spaces and assets. Prior to making them available to the market, Red Rose Improvements restored each location back to their original, functional condition, making them more marketable to companies searching for office space.

A value-add that we offered ABM was long-term documentation storage. This documentation storage service saved ABM physical space, as well as the costs associated with safe and secure storage of business documentation. Additional services were sourcing furniture and other office necessities.

What Red Rose Improvements was able to deliver to ABM was a true business partner. Our unique differentiator is the research we perform and analysis. Having a deep understanding of the complexities of ABM’s business, and the markets they serve, allows us to reduce their costs by intercepting and addressing variances and issues, and mitigating risk and loss.

– Exceed expectations and requirements
– Efficiency and time management
– 3-15K square foot development
– Delivered on time and on budget


“The growth of the relationship and project scope are very meaningful to Red Rose Improvement’s business. Our partnership grew to multi-divisional buildouts and regional consolidations in NY, NJ, and PA; as well as national Construction Management contract for 240 locations.”

Jeff Rosen
Red Rose Improvements

Quick Facts

LOCATIONS : Northeast seaboard
PROJECTS : Multiphase 24 h/d assembly line build out

TIMING : 3-9 month development cycles
PROJECT TEAM SIZE : 30+ resources
SPANNING : Warehouse, assembly lines, compressor room, a quality control room, office facilities

Our Challenge
For 113 years, Harley-Davidson has given true individuals around the world a way to powerfully express their own personal freedom – it’s their passion. They create unmatched and unmistakable motorcycles, accessories and apparel. The emotion and legend that is the Harley-Davidson® brand cross borders, cultures and generations. It’s more than a motorcycle; it’s a way of life and a personal expression for their millions of riders and fans that, for them, carries a responsibility they never take for granted.

Red Rose Improvement’s relationship began indirectly, due to the strong reputation they have in the industry. The journey began with a commercial realtor they partnered with who introduced them to Italian importer Savino Del Bene FDS, Inc. Savino was searching for the right Construction Manager and General Contracting firm to facilitate the development of a warehouse and distribution center in the U.S. This relationship then led to Brembo and Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson selects only world-class components, in the manufacturing of their motorcycles. In the case of their brakes, the finest is Brembo. Red Rose Improvements was tasked with a warehouse buildout that allowed the assembly of breaks exclusive to their motorcycles, as well as the motorcycles themselves.  Like Harley, Brembo offers the finest quality and craftsmanship. It was essential that the lines were safe, state-of-the-art, with consistent and efficient operation, 24-hours a day. Both brands are synonymous with quality – only 100% quality production was acceptable.

Our Approach
The depth and complexities of the project required a business analyst, as well as a master Construction Manager and General Contractor; that also understood all the facets of manufacturing. The dove-tailed approach to cost analysis and risk mitigation during the demo and buildout, are what make this project a success. Only a trusted partner, with an equally superior brand reputation, would solidify Red Rose Improvement’s relationship with Harley-Davidson and Brembo.

The project began with the development of a warehouse distribution assembly line. The empty space would warehouse hydraulics, pneumatics, compressor lines and floor calibration to establish a three-shift, twenty-four-hour brake assembly line. The build out was very complex, requiring a team of engineers and extensive planning to pull it off seamlessly

The new space required extensive demolition and ultimate construction of assembly lines, compressor room, a quality control space, office facilities, kitchen, and bathrooms. For safety and assembly line purposes, the floors were color coded to identify the purpose of each area and safe passage zones.

– 25-30- square foot warehouse buildout
– Quality control space allowed them to maintain quality
– Assembly Square Foot 25K Built Quality Metrics room
– Calibration of all machinery
– Certified Graduate Remodeler


“I’ve always been fascinated by how things are made, and the talented craftsmen that bring ideas to light. This project has been very exciting, and a labor of love. The relationship we formed, mutual trust and respect, and final project delivery, are a great source of pride for me and the entire Red Rose Improvements team.”

Jeff Rosen
Red Rose Improvements