Anyone who has ever attempted to remodel a kitchen knows that it can be a daunting task, especially in the early stages when planning begins. But we don’t see it that way! We consider the kitchen the heart of every home.

We love remodeling kitchens because they provide one of the most creative canvases in the home, giving our team a great opportunity to exercise high levels of creativity, skill, and wisdom on every project. Our team understands that kitchens need to be a mix of aesthetic appeal and functionality, and we love to take on projects that challenge us.

The Red Rose Improvement team feels great pride in every step of every kitchen project — from planning to designing to creating kitchen spaces that are beautifully designed, optimally functional and reflective of each person’s lifestyle.

We will work with you every step of the way to help you select from hundreds of thousands of options. Once we understand your design aesthetic, and how you want to use you space better, we’ll get to work selecting materials, finishes, appliances and the perfect color scheme, from floor to ceiling, missing no detail. Our team’s goal is to establish a style that best represents you, your lifestyle, as well as the style and era of your home. Whether it’s a clean, modern minimalist vibe you’re after, a traditional look, or even French country, we’ll deliver the kitchen you desire.

A surface can speak volumes about who you are.
Are you bamboo or slate?

If you love the durability and look of continuous smooth, sleek counter surfaces, we have a wealth of options for you. We’ll help you find the perfect polished stone that will add tremendous value and will become the focal point of your kitchen. Whether you’re looking to add color, texture, or movement to your counters, or a sophisticated, simple tone-on-tone look, we’ll deliver the look and feel you’re after.

Some homeowners elect to have their backsplashes take center stage over their countertops. If you opt for a simple countertop, why not let your backsplash become your kitchen’s crowning jewel. Tile and other material options are endless. From glass to metal, concrete, wood and even metal, the options can be overwhelming. Let us help you refine your look.

Creating breathtaking, functional, and challenging kitchen spaces is something we thrive on! If you are ready to build the kitchen of your dreams, call the Red Rose Improvements team so we can start working together! Contact us today at 908.591.2800!

Lets discuss the kitchen of your dreams.