Whether you are dealing with damage from water, fire, or a natural disaster, the Red Rose Improvements team will help completely restore your space to its best possible state. We work hard to create and restore spaces so they are aesthetically appealing and functioning properly.

Water Damage Restoration: Water damage, whether from a natural disaster or a broken pipe, can cause significant damage to any property — and quickly. In many instances, water damage happens with little to no warning of what’s to come. It is often so unexpected that it creates property owners a ton of stress because it’s out of their control and creates lots of damage in little time. Our goal is to restore damaged spaces quickly and effectively; we want it to look like it never happened!

Fire Damage Restoration: Fires are known for causing extensive, lasting and devastating destruction. Many times, people think they have lost everything, when, in reality, we can help salvage damaged pieces or areas in many spaces. Our goal is to help people rebuild their homes, businesses, and lives.

Fire restoration is one of the most technically challenging forms of restoration because the skill requires extensive knowledge and discipline. Soot and smoke odor are not easily removed, which is why we use specialized machinery to apply a deep-cleaning process that works. And remember — if we cannot salvage it, we can rebuild it!

Natural Disaster Damage Restoration: Confusion is often the feeling people share with us when they are affected by a natural disaster. We have extensive experience in performing restorations on the heels of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other nature-related disasters.

More important to restoring walls, floors and appliances, we restore comfort.

We also have lots of experience in dealing with insurance companies – one of the most stressful responsibilities related to natural disaster damage. Emotions are often running high and cutting through all the red tape of an insurance company can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Let us help! Whether you have lost a handful of roof shingles or your home is completely submerged after a flood, we can help quickly! If you’ve been affected by damage due to water, fire or a natural disaster, contact us today at 908.591.2800!

Somethings you just don’t have control over, but you’d like discuss how best to get your home back to normal.